Quick Pay WB


   |V.Super Way 3,1.14.7*
 |V.Diamond Way 3,1.14.5a|
 | |M.Koningskrone 1.20.6
V.Kaliman 4,1.14.8a/2000m |  
 | |V.Riklis 1.12.3*
 |M.Ecarla Lee 1.18.7a|
   |M.Tara Fortuna 1.18.6a
   |V.Star's Pride 1.12.8*
 |V.Brogan 1.17.1a|
 | |M.Hoot's Lass 1.17.4*
M.Everyone's Wish 1.14.4a|  
 | |V.Square Deal 1.15.7*
 |M.Wishfull Fortuna 1.18.0a|
   |M.Othella Fortuna 1.24.3a

Halfbroer van RHONDA WISH 1.15.4a 22.962, BIGGEST WISH 1.16.6a en OVERJOYED WISH 1.17.7a, de moeder van WICKY DE VIKING 1.14.4a 40.310, uit EVERYONE'S WISH 1.14.4a 41.312.

Moeder: Everyone's Wish 1.14.4a 41.312
Moeder van:
1996 RHONDA WISH (Smokin Yankee) 1.15.4a 22.962
1997 OVERJOYED WISH (Smokin Yankee) 1.17.7a 4.084
moeder van Wicky de Viking 1.14.4a 40.310 Jonkerprijs in, net geen koersrecord, 2e serie Stake Sprintkampioenschap 2007, 2e in Derby Prep Stakes, 2e in Sweepstakes W
2000 BIGGEST WISH (Diamond Way) 1.16.6a 8.940
2001 THE GENERALS WISH (General November)
2005 DEMI B (Snowshoe Thompson)
2006 QUICK PAY WB (Kaliman) in de veiling

Grootmoeder: Wishfull Fortuna 1.18.0a 21.278
Moeder van o.m.:
1987 EVERYONE'S WISH (Brogan) 1.14.4a 41.312 zie boven
1988 FANATIC WISH (Heres) 1.16.3a 45.900
Sweepstakes en Wickevoort van Crom. Mem. in koersrecord
moeder van The Best Fanatic 1.14.7a 18.765, Outsider's Wish 1.15.4a 12.627, Super Fanatic 1.17.7a grootmoeder van Wennemars 1.16.1a 7.710 Derby Prep Stakes, Derby Selectie, 4e in Sweepstakes
1989 GAMBLER'S WISH (Reunited) 1.17.2a 29.221
1990 HOPEFULL WISH (Chance of Glory) 1.19.7a 3.313
moeder van Novaciento Wish 1.15.8a 11.957, Radetsky's Wish 1.17.0a
1993 KILLER'S WISH (Smokin Yankee) 1.17.6a 3.766
moeder van Unafraid Wish 1.15.5a 5.215, Rebel's Wish 1.16.8a
1997 OVERRULE'S WISH (Why Not) 1.15.8a 20.776 Sweepstakes
1999 REFRESHING WISH (Giant Chill) 1.16.3a 2.957
2001 TOMBOLA'S WISH (Diamond Way) 1.17.0a 2.325

Overgrootmoeder: Othella Fortuna 1.24.3a 2.927
Moeder van o.m.:
1980 WISHFULL FORTUNA (Square Deal) 1.18.0a 21.278 zie boven
1982 ZAMZAM FORTUNA (Armbro Oxford) 1.17.2a 89.476
1986 DURAN S (Worthy Dean) 1.19.4a 12.672
1987 EVERYWAY S (Yankee Tornado) 1.16.9a 14.022
moeder van Every's Daughter 1.16.0a 20.272, Every Man 1.16.4a 17.481
1988 FANCOM V (Nevele Impulse) 1.18.7a 4.947
Vader: Bekijk hier de details van het vaderpaard (Kaliman).details